Magnets and magnetic therapy are commonly known to be effective means of pain relief. This has been studied and proven when addressing pain relating to; diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and fractures to name a few. Magnetic therapy is also used in addressing pain relating to tinnitus, a medical condition which results in ones ears ringing!

It Doesn’t Stop There

The more we research magnets as well as their use in various treatments, the more we understand what an effective tool they can be. Magnetic jewelry therapy is yet another area that has currently been yielding positive results.

Magnetic jewelry today is used effectively in dealing with a number of physical ailments but did you know that it also has psychological benefits?

Magnets and Neuroscience

Among the psychological complications that magnets are used to address, depression and anxiety or unmanageable stress are included. Numerous qualified and recognized practitioners today are starting to endorse and use magnetic therapy as a form of reliable treatment.

We’re going to proceed to briefly explain the science behind this and how it works for those looking to buy magnetic therapy jewelry or those opting for magnetic therapy options.    

Starting with the Basics

Generally speaking, the success of magnetic therapy rests in the factual knowledge of how our cells work. We all know that neuro-chemicals, receptors, impulses and cells themselves sometimes possess magnetic fields. It stands to reason that magnets can be used to affect the cells, manipulate fields to better their flow and subsequently heal and return the body and its functions to optimal.

Magnets for Anxiety and Stress

When it comes to reducing stress and anxiety using magnets, the going theory is that they work in two ways. The first and more alternative theory suggests that we all possess our own bio-fields that sometimes get disrupted due to the way we live our lives. Magnets placed in the right place can help rebalance our bio-fields and hence our sense of wellbeing.

The second more scientific way of looking at the use of magnets for anxiety and stress involves understanding the correlation between emotional stress and physical discomfort. Stress makes our muscles tense causing lactic acid accumulation. Lactic acid is what causes aches. Magnets are known to reduce this by improving circulation in and around the areas they are applied. By reducing the physical manifestations of the stress, magnets allow the person suffering the space to deal with the emotional by checking the physical discomfort.

Magnets for Depression

A medically certified procedure known as trans-cranial magnetic stimulation also recognized by the abbreviation TMS is used to address depression.

This procedure is not an invasive one and works by stimulating the cells of nerves in the brain. This nerve-cell stimulation results in an alleviation of depressive symptoms. Though the precise neurobiology of how this treatment works is still undergoing research, the one thing that is for certain is that it has been widely successful.

Winding Down

The use of magnets for healing like many other alternative forms of therapy and treatment is slowly becoming more and more mainstream. Many manufacturers are now researching magnetic jewelry therapy and producing magnetic jewelry that is surprisingly effective in facilitating and supplementing various healing processes of both the mind and body.

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