Though there are numerous alternative therapies and other kinds of treatments that have little to no evidence supporting their effectiveness, magnetic therapy is not one of them. Numerous studies have shown magnetic therapy to be beneficial in addressing a range of health complications. This is not just restricted to the physical but extends to some psychological problems such as anxiety and depression as well.

Magnetic Therapy Today

Today, scientists, specialists and doctors on both sides of the spectrum (for and against the effectiveness of magnetic therapy), are engaged in research based discourse about its legitimacy. That being said, there is no denying how successful magnetic therapy has proven to be today offering both physical and psychological health benefits.

Basic Benefits and Working

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to delve into the basics of how magnets work to benefit both our physical and psychological health. We’re going to discuss exactly what effect magnets have on the body and how these effects are useful.

Heat Production

There are two things to understand here. One; how heat is used in healing be it through warming balms, hot water bottles or any other means. Two; the ability of magnets to produce energy when they cut other electric fields, such as in a power generator.

When interacting with our bodies own fields, magnets produce heat among other things. This heat is accessed deep within the body to all parts. The resulting effects include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of Inflammation/Swelling
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Relaxation of blood vessels
  • Improved circulation
  • Prevention of hemorrhaging and blocking

It is due to the known effects stated above that magnetic therapy is widely used in the treatment of various pain causing ailments including but not restricted to arthritis, nerve pain and post menstrual syndrome.


When magnetic fields and your body’s components interact they also stimulate a series of micro-vibrations throughout your body. Much like a body massage loosens up your muscles, magnets serve to loosen you up, but on a cellular level. This improves body function and results in:

  • Improved Circulating of Blood
  • Improved Circulating of Lymph

Improvements in blood circulation keep us fit and active whereas efficient lymph transport helps detoxify our bodies. This in turn works to enhance our immune systems. As a result, magnets can also be used to treat various conditions relating to impaired body function such as piles and hypertension.


Cell Rejuvenation

By shaking your body up, increasing and enhancing cell activity, stimulating your natural detoxifying systems and facilitating cell processes, magnetic fields help to promote cell rejuvenation. Fresh cells mean a fresh and healthy individual.

Magnetic therapy literally gives your cells a recharge and promotes health and longevity regardless of whether it is your skin, lungs liver or kidney!

Hormone Regulation

Among the organs that benefit from magnet therapy are those which secrete hormones crucial to human growth, development and function. Improvements in these organs mean a healthy hormonal balance and a regulated hormonal flow.

Winding Down

Though we have discussed some extremely pertinent points and health benefits here, we have hardly begun to scratch the surface of how useful magnets really are. Whether you go in for full on magnetic therapy work for pain and depression or simply buy magnetic therapy jewelry always make sure that those providing you with the service or products of your choice are legitimate and reliable. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our premium range of magnetic therapy jewelry and magnetic healing accessories and take it from there!